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Greens Eggs & Ham

Greens Eggs & Ham

Name: Greens Eggs & Ham

Description: Delicious honey baked ham with scrambled eggs & egg whites & heart-healthy braised escarole.

Name: Athlete Ham & Eggs

Description: A higher crab version of our greens eggs & ham, with delicious honey baked ham, scrambled eggs & egg whites & sweet potato hash.

Egg Macro-Muffin Sandwich

Egg Macro-Muffin Sandwich

Name: Egg Macro-Muffin Sandwich

Description: Our new macro & zone breakfast made with pork sausage, egg whites & a yucca crust! Served with rainbow chard & orange.

Name: Pesto Eggs Florentine

Description: With turkey eggs & ground turkey scrambled in a light paleo pesto sauce, & served with a side of sweet potato hash.

Name: Very Berry Coconut Pancakes

Description: Our new (and even fluffier) coconut flour pancakes, topped maple syrup & with a fresh berry compote.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

Name: Huevos Rancheros

Description: Ground pork sausage with scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, & lime.

Name: Chicken Apple Sausage

Description: With muffin homemade chicken apple sausage patties with freshly roasted peaches & our new paleo blueberry muffin.

Name: Egg White Beef & Spinach Breakfast

Description: We love a good yolk, but sometimes you just want the protein in the white! Here's a delicious breakfast that allows you to do just that.

Joe's Special

Joe's Special

Name: Joe's Special

Description: Ground grass-fed beef, onions, sautéed spinach, eggs.

Name: Eggless Beef & Sweet Potato Breakfast

Description: Ground grass-fed beef, onions, sautéed spinach, sweet potato.

Name: Mega Muffins

Description: With apple & two paleo banana nut muffins with sliced apple.

Name: Steak & Eggs Breakfast

Description: Grass-fed steak strips over scrambled eggs, served with a side of roasted zucchini.

Name: Athlete Steak Hash & Eggs

Description: Athlete steak hash & eggs.


Bacon Chicken Waldorf

Bacon Chicken Waldorf

Name: Bacon Chicken Waldorf

Description: A delicious high protein summer dish with chicken breast, bacon, broccoli, grapes & paleo mayo that can be eaten as a light meal or snack best eaten cold.

Name: Chicken Salad

Description: Pulled chicken breast in a tarragon lemon dressing a great small meal or low glycemic snack during the middle of the workday.

Name: Chicken Wings

Description: With paleo ranch cilantro lime chicken wings served with celery sticks, sweet potato hash & a paleo ranch dressing.

Name: Paleo Granola Snack

Description: A light & toasty granola made with 100% paleo goodness. Featuring almonds, pumpkin seeds, & currants, this delicious treat can be enjoyed by the handful as a snack or with almond milk as a great breakfast cereal.

Three Block Snack

Three Block Snack

Name: Three Block Snack

Description: Chicken meatballs & sweet potato mash in three zone blocks perfect for a small meal or snack.

Name: Kbk Blender Bottle

Description: A handy 20 oz blender bottle to help you mix up your favorite post-workout shake.


Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Name: Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Description: Oven-baked chicken breast with our proprietary paleo honey mustard glaze, served over a bed of sautéed broccoli & radicchio. Medium $10.95.

Name: Super Crab-Loaded Honey Mustard Chicken

Description: Our honey mustard glazed chicken breast with herbed white rice, sautéed broccoli & radicchio great for athletes needing extra crabs post-workout. Medium $10.95.

Cuban Roast Pork

Cuban Roast Pork

Name: Cuban Roast Pork

Description: Succulent roasted pork shoulder served with sweet potato, yucca, steamed broccoli & a lemon cilantro dressing. Medium $10.95.

Name: Bodybuilder's Essential Ii

Description: Grilled chicken breast with roasted sweet potato, steamed broccoli, & our new homemade BBQ sauce -- a great post workout recovery meal. Medium $10.95.

Name: Wild Salmon Cakes

Description: Wild salmon & sweet potato cakes served with braised collard greens, marinated artichoke hearts & a cilantro lime aioli for dipping. Medium $10.95.

Grass-Fed Steak & Yucca

Grass-Fed Steak & Yucca

Name: Grass-Fed Steak & Yucca

Description: Grass-fed steak & yucca with cilantro lime sauce. Medium $10.95.

Name: Chicken Fried Rice Cauliflower

Description: Chicken breast served over fried "rice" cauliflower, tossed with egg, snow peas (not photographed), peppers, onions, scallions & coconut aminos. Medium $10.95.

Name: Chicken Meatballs

Description: Chicken meatballs with sweet potato mash, broccoli, & tomato sauce. With marinara. Medium $10.95.

Name: Bison Beef Sliders

Description: Juicy bison & beef sliders with a mustard aioli on sautéed cabbage & served with homemade sweet potato fries. With homemade fries. Medium $11.95.

Name: Rosemary Pork Loin

Description: With brussels slow-roasted pork loin rubbed with fresh rosemary & served with roasted celery root & brussels sprouts. Medium $10.95.

Name: Blueberry BBQ Brisket

Description: With paleo cornbread our slow-roasted grass-fed beef brisket with paleo cornbread, spinach, & a delicious blueberry pomegranate BBQ sauce. Medium $11.95.

Name: Rocking' Moroccan Chicken

Description: This classic Moroccan dish blends our paleo style with chicken, dates & almonds served over a squash medley. Medium $10.95.

Name: Athlete Pork Loin

Description: With mash slow-roasted pork loin rubbed with fresh rosemary & served with roasted celery root & sweet potato mash. Medium $10.95.

Name: Athlete Moroccan Chicken

Description: With Moorish rice our delicious Moroccan chicken with yellow & butternut squash, served with Moorish white rice for active athletes needing extra crabs post workout. Medium $10.95.


Family Meal

Beast Chicken Meatballs

Beast Chicken Meatballs

Name: Beast Chicken Meatballs

Description: A 38 oz container stuffed with chicken meatballs, sweet potato mash, broccoli & tomato sauce! Fuel your inner beast. (extra large)


Name: Yucca Con Mojo

Description: A delicious starchy crab great for replenishing glycogen stores after a tough workout.

Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs

Name: Chicken Meatballs

Description: Our delicious chicken meatballs with marinara, now available as a 8 oz side. Great for those wanting extra protein, or for customers who want to pair with a vegetable side & create your own meals.

Name: Pulled Pork

Description: Our delicious pulled pork, now available as an 8 oz side.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

Name: Chicken Breast

Description: 2 healthy baked chicken breasts (minimum of 8oz of protein) with a side of our homemade paleo ranch.

Name: Roasted Asparagus

Description: Freshly roasted asparagus spears with a pinch of salt. A tasty & healthy option to pair one of our delicious protein sides.

Name: Plantain Mash

Description: 8 oz deliciously mashed plantains a great high crab side for athletes needing extra fuel.

Kale Power Blend

Kale Power Blend

Name: Kale Power Blend

Description: Our new kale power blend with carrots & purple cabbage, roasted in the oven with a light touch of heart healthy olive oil.

Name: Sweet Potato Mash


Name: Yucca Mash

Description: Our garlicky yucca mash side a great way for athletes to get extra paleo crabs in their diet.

Name: Sweet Potato Hash

Description: Shredded sweet potato hash.

Steamed Broccoli

Steamed Broccoli

Name: Steamed Broccoli


Name: Baked Sweet Potato Wedges


White Rice

White Rice

Name: White Rice

Description: A side of white rice, great for active athletes needing extra crabs.


Name: Paleo Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Description: A pack of two delicious dark chocolate chip cookies. Made with almond meal & organic 70% dark chocolate chips, these cookies are as close to paleo as you can get & will literally melt in your mouth.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Name: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Description: Two homemade almond flour & chocolate chip cookies topped with crumbled bacon! (contains ghee) a delicious treat for athletes with a sweet tooth.

Name: Mustang Bar

Description: Paleo treats. Creamy buttery nutty goodness, this lil' fella melts in your mouth from straight out of the freezer. A cross between paleo granola & a sweet snack bar, this is like paleo candy.

Name: Mac Attack

Description: Paleo treats. Coconut & chocolate in a powerfully tasty little package, this is the macaroon you've been waiting for.

Name: Brownie Bomb

Description: Paleo treats. The best brownie you'll ever taste! Equal parts nutrition blast & sinfully rich chocolate.

Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

Name: Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

Description: These delicious brownies are a great treat for active athletes who want a little something sweet with their meal.