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Munch Ado

About Us

Munch Ado Is Just Like You.
You’ll Love Us.

We’re a food discovery platform and we’re here to solve your first-world food problems. You’re welcome.

More Choices, Less Decisions.

We scoured your neighborhood to find all the hidden restaurants, (mom’s pop’s hipster’s shops) cuisines (Vietnamese anyone?) and comfort food (mac & cheese - drool). All you have to do is check yourself out.

Stop Searching. Start Finding.

Search is so 2009, now it’s all about finding because even though the struggle is real, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve sorted restaurants by type, features and more because when choosing a restaurant, the strength of their Wi-Fi signal is just as important as the quality of their food.

Order & Reserve

We’re not some single-serving, microwavable burrito that’s going to leave you disappointed. No, we’re a three course meal with Discovery for starters, Ordering for mains and Reservations for when you want to treat yo’ self. We do it all so you don’t have to.

What’s In It For You?

Food for one, deals for two and points for three. You get $$$$ meals for $. And you get those sweet, sweet Munch Ado points so you can save even more $ on your next order. Win. Win. Win.

Loyalty Has its Perks

Earn Munch Ado Loyalty Points with nearly every action you take on Munch Ado. The more you earn, the more perks you get and the more cold, hard virtual cash you can use on Munch Ado for all your orders. Learn more about Munch Ado