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Munch Ado Referral Program

Time Isn’t Money, Friends Are.

Finally get real value for all your digital friendships. We’ll send you $30 on a cash-like Munch Ado debit card to use IRL and online at sites like when three of your friends place their first order on Munch Ado.
Don’t worry, they’ll get $5 for themselves, so you can call it a gift.

Create a personal referral link and turn your friends into money, food, theater tickets or really
anything else you can do with $30.

Invite friends to join
Munch Ado
with your unique personalized link.

Your friends follow the link, join, place an order
and earn $5.

You become semi-rich ($30) when three of your friends place their first order.

Your friends thank you and start selling out their friends for their own $30 payday.

Send your friends $5 and turn them into cold, hard cash-like currency.

Share your personalized link with your friends and they’ll receive $5 cash back on their very own Munch Ado debit card (illustrated below) after their first order.

But enough about what they get.

You get $30 on your own card once three of your friends join with your link and place orders.

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It is done!

Cash in on the rest of your friends!

You’ve Sold Out All of Your Friends!

And we love you more for it! Don’t worry, your friends will too!

And it will all be worth it after they place their first orders and you get that
$$ on your Munch Ado card.