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The History

Meson Sevilla - The History

Family owned and operated since 1987, Meson Sevilla is your spot for tapas in New York City. Manager Adolfo has been working in the restaurant industry since he was 17 years old. When he came to New York from Spain, Meson Sevilla was waiting for him. Previous to Meson Sevilla opening was Picasso, a small tapas restaurant on 56th Street and 2nd Avenue.

The Decor

Meson Sevilla - The Decor

Throughout the walls in Meson Sevilla you will see many different, jubilant things. Most prominent are the paintings by Luis Vargas. A prominent singer in the Spanish community of New York City of the Flamenco variety, Vargas has been around since the 70’s until 2004. He donated his work to many different restaurants including Meson Sevilla. Now moved to California and 91 years old, Vargas’s legacy lives on inside on the walls of Meson Sevilla.

Mainly, the restaurant is comprised of a traditional, homey, and cozy feel. Keeping with tradition, the bar and dining room are still separate just like when the establishment was first built. Also adorning the walls are photos of people of notoriety including Wyclef John, Antiono Banderas and more.

The Cuisine

Meson Sevilla - The Cuisine

The largest tapas bar in NYC, Meson Sevilla delivers on its word. Popular dishes include the octopus, and cycling specials like tripe, cows tongue, and pigs ear. The cuisine is kept traditional, as Adolfo says there are very few Spanish restaurants left in New York.

Adolfo says that these traditional flavors reflect a “your grandmother made it” type of meal. There’s no fancy “foams” or “rues” here. Popular drinks include the sangria that many people say is the best they’ve every had, due to it’s simplicity and originality. Also made at Meson Sevilla makes orujo (homemade), herbal after drinks, firewater and additional cordials.