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The Decor

Spice-108St. - The Decor

Transform your dinner into something special when you step into Spice. It’s always a lively experience. Take in not just the flavors of the food, but also the décor no matter which location you visit.

The Cuisine

Spice-108St. - The Cuisine

Everything from Red and Massaman Curry to vegan specialties, Spice always delivers on something new and fresh. If you’re dining in with the crew for some drinks and appetizers, choose from among the plethora of different exciting Thai flavors including everything from Pad Thai Spring Rolls to Martini Crispy Shrimp. Not in the mood to be adventurous? There’s always traditional Thai flavors like dumplings, and appetizers with signature flavors including basil.
Make sure you get familiar with the entrée section of the menu where you’ll find a wide array of noodles and rice. This of course includes Glass Noodles, Seafood Spaghetti Drunk Man, Nabon Noodles and Green Curry Fried Rice, just to name a few.
It doesn’t stop there. The fresh, colorful ingredients to grace the plate at dinner time also include basil, eggplant, bell peppers and more. Looking for a vegetarian/vegan option? Try the Vegetarian Basil Mock Duck, Garden Delight, Pattaya Noodles or Fried Organic Brown Rice.
While you’re at it, don’t forget to try a unique drink. There are options here you’re sure to find different from Thai Iced Tea to Lychee Lemonade. Take your pick!