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The History

Uncle Mario's - The History

Uncle Mario's Brick Oven Pizza is far from your everyday pizzeria. Uncle Mario's brings something unique to the table - the authentic touch of Neapolitan chefs who incorporate their traditional homestyle knowledge of cooking to their food. By the pie or by the slice, Uncle Mario’s pizza tastes of Italy.
Owner and founder Mario Abitino got into the pizza business in 1974 in Brooklyn, after coming to New York from Naples. Several years later in 1992, Mario and his family established Abitino's Pizza in Midtown Manhattan. Due to its immediate success, the Abitino Group branched out to more locations. Uncle Mario's is a more recent venture, the first under this name, and is run by Mario's son, Dominick Abitino, who is also the vice-president of The Abitino Group.

The Cuisine

Uncle Mario's - The Cuisine

Fresh, reasonable Italian food is what the Abitinos strive to give their community. It was the principle by which they operated back in the early 1990s and the only thing that has changed since, is the number of restaurants they have. Everything at Uncle Mario's ranging from the salads to the pizza is made with the freshest ingredients. Going deeper, the secret actually lies in the preparation of the ingredients. The pizza dough is prepared at the restaurant itself on a regular basis. The tomato sauce used on all the pizza also has a hidden truth behind its divinity. At Uncle Mario's they only believe in a particular type of tomatoes, namely San Marzano tomatoes that are imported from the Abitino's indigenous Naples.
The variety of dishes at Uncle Mario's gives you an array of options ranging from pizza to pastas and salads. The most popular pasta dish is the Linguine Frank Sinatra and owner Dominick Abitino will personally stand by that. Zesty with a hint of spice, the Linguine Frank Sinatra is tossed in a tangy marinara sauce and cooked with fresh shrimps, mussels, clams and calamari. It is an overdose of fresh-caught seafood, in a rich vein of marinara sauce with perfectly soft thin linguine.
One of the best selling pizza at Uncle Mario's is the Original Grandma made with an exceptionally thin crust and topped with fresh mozzarella and Uncle Mario's signature tomato sauce. This square pie of heaven is surrounded in a divine garlic bread crust. And just when you thought the Original Grandma couldn't get any better, it comes with fresh grated cheese and basil leaves on top.
The Mac and Cheese specialty pie is another highly popular pizza. More doughy than crispy, the mac and cheese is flavorful and rich. Since the cheese used on the pizza (below the mac and cheese) is different from the mac's cheese, there is an interesting blend between cheeses leading to a sinful, scrumptious meal.

The Service

Uncle Mario's - The Service

The service at Uncle Mario’s is amazingly speedy and it’s ideal for both sit-down meals as well as quick ones. The waiters are lively and enthusiastic, so don’t be overwhelmed by their friendliness. Owner Dominick Abitino is a fixture at the restaurant, always interacting with customers and providing suggestions.

The Ambience

Uncle Mario's - The Ambience

The first thing that strikes you about Uncle Mario's is its spacious and open feel. The red brick wall and the massive brick oven on the left, behind the pizza bar creates a rustic vibe. Reminiscent of a European countryside, the dining room is lively and brightly lit, with a set of lamps running in a line on the ceiling right above the pizza bar. The lamps are beautifully glazed on the outside with vibrant colors including orange, red and yellow. The wooden tables and chairs are refreshingly simple, and so is the layout. This minimalist decor paves the way for customers to focus on what they really should, when they come to Uncle Mario's - 'The Food.'