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Menu For Mancora


Name: Lunch Prix-Fixe




Name: Papa A La Huancaina

Description: Boiled sliced potato covered with Peruvian cheese sauce.

Name: Ensalada De Palta

Description: Avocado, romaine, carrots, cucumber, pepper, red onion and tomato house dressing on the side.

Name: Calamar A La Plancha

Description: Grilled squid with panca sauce.

Empanadas De Cangrejo & Camaron

Empanadas De Cangrejo & Camaron

Name: Empanadas De Cangrejo & Camaron


Name: Choritos Al Ajo

Description: Green mussels cooked in creamy garlic sauce.

Pulpito A La Parrilla

Pulpito A La Parrilla

Name: Pulpito A La Parrilla

Description: Grilled baby octopus with panca sauce.

Name: Papa Rellena

Description: Deep fried mashed potato ball stuffed with minced beef.

Name: Ceviche De Pargo

Description: Diced red snapper marinated in lime sauce.

Name: Anticuchos

Description: Grilled cow heart with aji panca sauce.


Name: Aguadito De Pollo

Description: Cilantro chicken soup with rice and mixed greens.

Name: Chupe De Camaron

Description: Creamy shrimp soup.

Name: Chupe De Pescado

Description: Fish soup.

Name: Parihuela

Description: Rich mixed seafood chowder with panca sauce.



Name: Ceviche De

Description: Marinated in fresh lime sauce with cilantro and red onion.

Name: Ceviche De Mango

Description: Red snapper marinated in mango-lime sauce with cilantro, red onion and chunks of mango.

Ceviche Mancora

Ceviche Mancora

Name: Ceviche Mancora

Description: Mussels, clams, octopus, shrimp, squid, scallops marinated in lime juice with cilantro and red onion.

Name: Ceviche Marinera Nortena

Description: Shrimps, scallops marinated in lime-tomato sauce with cilantro, rocoto and red onion.


Name: Tofu Saltado

Description: Sautéed tofu with onion tomato and hand cut French fries with rice.

Name: Escabeche Criollo

Description: Sautéed vegetables served rice and beans.


Name: Parrillada De Carne

Description: Grilled meat(steak, pork chops, chicken, sausage, cow heart) served with fried potato.

Name: Bistek A Lo Pobre

Description: Grilled sirloin steak with chimichurri sauce with French fries, maduros, fried eggs and rice.

Name: Churrasco A Lo Mancora

Description: Grilled sirloin steak with chimichurri sauce, served with sautéed onion and French fries.

Name: Entrana A La Parrilla

Description: Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, served with yucca and rice and beans.

Name: Pollo Saltado

Description: Chicken stir fried Peruvian style with onion, tomato, and French fries served with rice.

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado

Name: Lomo Saltado

Description: Beef stir fried Peruvian style with onion, tomato, and French fries served with rice.

Name: Aji De Gallina

Description: Shredded chicken with Peruvian yellow creamy sauce, served with rice.

Name: Arroz Con Pato

Description: Sautéed duck with rice, cilantro sauce mixed greens and salsa criolla.

Pollo Rostizado

Name: Half Chicken


Name: Half Chicken With Side


Name: Whole Chicken


Name: Whole Chicken Two Sides



Name: Salmon Al Horno

Description: Fillet of salmon crusted with sweet potato served with spinach mashed potato.

Name: Arroz Chufa De Mariscos

Description: Seafood fries rice Peruvian style.

Name: Jalea

Description: Deep fried seafood with yucca and salsa criolla.

Name: Parrillada De Mariscos

Description: Mixed grilled seafood with panca sauce, served with rice.

Name: Pescado A Lo Macho

Description: Baked fillet of tilapia topped with seafood sautéed with creamy sauce, served with rice.

Name: Paella Marinera

Description: Seafood, chorizo simmered in saffron rice.

Name: Aji De Camaron

Description: Sautéed shrimp with aji creamy sauce served with rice.

Chef's Specials


Name: Ceviche Pasion

Description: Fish, shrimp marinated in lime passion fruit sauce.

Name: Empanadas Trio

Description: Shredded chicken, meat and chorizo pastries.


Name: Churrasco Marinera

Description: Grilled sirloin steak topped with shrimps in garlic creamy sauce served with tacu tacu.

Name: Pescado Marinero

Description: Deep fried whole fish with artichokes served with rice.


Name: Pepino Picante

Description: Tequila infused with jalapeño, lime juice and agave nectar.


Name: Rice And Beans


Name: French Fries


Name: Vegetables


Name: Sweet Plantains


Name: Yucca



Name: Helados

Description: Lucuma, mango and vanilla.

Name: Pionono

Description: Rolled stuffed cake with boiled condensed milk, served with ice cream.

Name: Picarones

Description: Peruvian dough covered with homemade fig syrup.

Name: Flan

Description: Peruvian cream caramel.

Name: Helado Frito

Description: Fried ice cream.

Name: Crepe

Description: Stuffed crepe with ice cream, fruits and whipped cream.

Name: Empanadas De Chocolate

Description: Empanadas filled with chocolate and ice cream.



Name: Coffee Special


Name: Espresso


Name: Cappuccino


Regular Coffee

Name: Cafe Mancora

Description: Pisco and frangelico.

Name: Cafe Pucci

Description: Amaretto and rum.

Name: Cafe Irista

Description: Irish whiskey.

Name: Cafe Italiana

Description: Romana sambuca.

Name: Cafe Jamaica

Description: Tia maria

Name: Cafe Mexicana

Description: Kahlua

Name: Cafe Casa Blanca

Description: Disaronno amaretto.

Name: Baileys Cup Of Coffee

Description: Bailey's Irish cream.