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Menu For Sea Thai



Name: Tup Tim Fritters

Description: Crispy chicken and shrimp dumpling with sweet and sour sauce.

Name: Po-Pia Sod

Description: Fresh vegetarian roll with peanut and tamarind sauce.

Crispy Basil Spring Rolls

Crispy Basil Spring Rolls

Name: Crispy Basil Spring Rolls

Description: Vegetarian rolls with lime & mustard vinaigrette sauce.

Name: Grilled Beef

Description: Marinated grilled beef served with chili paste.

Name: Village Steamed Dumpling

Description: Chicken and shrimp with black bean vinaigrette sauce.

Name: Pad Thai Spring Roll

Description: Crispy vegetarian rolls with peanuts and creamy sriracha sauce.

Emerald Vegetable Dumplings

Emerald Vegetable Dumplings

Name: Emerald Vegetable Dumplings

Description: With black plum sauce.

Name: Martini Crispy Shrimp

Description: Finger shrimp wrapped in rice dough, served with marinara basil sauce.

Sea Chicken Wings

Sea Chicken Wings

Name: Sea Chicken Wings

Description: With tamarind chili sauce.

Name: Shrimp Shu Mai

Description: Regional steamed shrimp dumpling with black bean sauce.

Chicken Basil Egg Roll

Chicken Basil Egg Roll

Name: Chicken Basil Egg Roll

Description: Minced chicken, chili, onion, pepper with mustard seed dip and dry shrimp tamarind sauce.

Name: Spicy Chicken Basil Wrap

Description: Bell peppers, onions, iceberg lettuce cups and triple dip. Black hoisin, peanut sauce and dry shrimp tamarind.

Name: Jade Seafood Dumpling

Description: Steamed crab meat and shrimp wrapped in green wonton served with curry sauce.

Name: Chicken Satae Wrap

Description: Grilled chicken with cucumber salad, crispy noodles, ice berg lettuce, peanut, tamarind sauce and peanut sauce.

Name: Calamari Super Bowl

Description: Crispy calamari with tomato salsa.

Name: Sea BBQ

Description: Marinated shrimp, squid and scallops, with chili lime sauce.

Name: Stuffed Crab Rangoon

Description: Crab meat, scallion and cream cheese with honey chili sauce.

Name: Triangle Curry Puff

Description: Curried chicken and potato wrapped in pastry served with cucumber salsa.

Name: Thai Homemade Sour Pork Sausage

Description: Red onion, peanuts, ginger and chili.

Name: Puffy Duck

Description: Roasted duck and potato wrapped in puffy pastry, cucumber salsa, peanuts.

Andaman Dumpling

Andaman Dumpling

Name: Andaman Dumpling

Description: Pork and shrimp with black bean sauce.

Walnut Shrimp

Walnut Shrimp

Name: Walnut Shrimp

Description: Crispy tail less shrimp with salted caramel coated walnuts and spicy mayo sauce.

Name: Thai Bun

Description: Onion, tomato, peppers, cilantro, tamarind hoisin spicy sauce.


Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Name: Caesar Salad

Description: Crispy five spices wonton and miso dressing.

Exotic Green Salad

Exotic Green Salad

Name: Exotic Green Salad

Description: With house peanut dressing and taro chip.

Name: Green Papaya Salad

Description: String beans, tomato & peanuts with chili-lime dressing.

Crispy Duck Salad

Crispy Duck Salad

Name: Crispy Duck Salad

Description: Warm duck, romaine lettuce, cashew nut, apple, pineapple and tomato with chili-lime juice.

Crispy Calamari Salad

Crispy Calamari Salad

Name: Crispy Calamari Salad

Description: With romaine lettuce, and our signature ginger miso sauce.

Name: Crunchy Seafood Salad

Description: Shrimp, squid, scallop with sriracha cream sauce.

Ocean Salad

Ocean Salad

Name: Ocean Salad

Description: Shrimp, squid & scallop combo, romaine lettuce, tomato with spicy citrus dressing.

Name: SEA Som Tum

Description: Shrimp, squid, ground peanuts with green papaya salad.

Name: Siam Crispy Pork Belly Salad

Description: Onion, cilantro, lime, scallion and Thai bird chili.


Original Tom Ka Soup

Original Tom Ka Soup

Name: Original Tom Ka Soup

Description: With mushrooms, galangal in coconut milk broth.

Name: Classic Tom Yum Soup

Description: With mushrooms and onions in spicy lemongrass shrimp broth.

Southern Soup

Southern Soup

Name: Southern Soup

Description: Shrimp, squid, scallops & mushroom with spicy lemongrass and lime leaf.

House Soup

House Soup

Name: House Soup

Description: With mixed vegetables.

Noodles & Rice Dishes


Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Name: Pad Thai

Description: With rice noodles, egg, peanut, bean sprouts and scallions.

Name: Black Noodles

Description: Broad rice noodles with broccoli and egg.

Name: Drunk Man's Noodles

Description: Broad noodles with chicken, shrimp and squid, long chili, onion, garlic, egg, and spicy basil.

Name: Pad Woon Sen

Description: Vermicelli noodles, egg, onion, ginger, scallion, carrot, mushroom and bean sprouts.

Name: Pattaya Noodle

Description: Sautéed broad noodles with egg, sesame, scallion, radish and peanuts.

Name: Seafood Spaghetti Drunkman

Description: Egg noodles, shrimp, squid, scallop, crab meat, ground pork, chili, basil and bell peppers.

Nabon Noodles

Nabon Noodles

Name: Nabon Noodles

Description: Egg noodles, chicken and shrimp, egg, Chinese broccoli and black soy sauce.

Fried Rice

Name: Siamese Fried Rice

Description: With egg, tomato, onion and scallion.

Name: Green Curry Fried Rice

Description: Sautéed with spicy green curry paste, egg, snow peas, onion and basil.

Name: 6'oclock Spicy Fried Rice

Description: Chili peppers, egg, bell pepper, onion, sweet basil.

Name: Pineapple Fried Rice

Description: With egg and cashew nuts.

Name: Spicy Thai Herbs Fried Rice

Description: Egg, ginger, basil, scallion and chili paste.

Name: Red Thunder Fried Rice

Description: Spicy fried rice with egg, tomato, onion and scallion.

Fried Brown Rice Veggies

Fried Brown Rice Veggies

Name: Fried Brown Rice Veggies

Description: Tofu and mixed vegetables.

Name: Isan Fried Rice

Description: Thai sausage, egg, onion, tomato and scallion.

Name: American Fried Rice

Description: Bacon, egg, basil, onion, bell peppers, snap pears, Chinese broccoli and chili.

Sushi & Sashimi

Sushi Bar Appetizer

Name: Edamame

Description: Steamed soy bean with sea salt sprinkles.

Name: Salmon Gurin Sutikko

Description: Seared salmon, asparagus, masago, scallion and spicy mayo sauce.

Name: Sushi Starter

Description: Super white tuna, shrimp, tuna, salmon and yellow tail.

Name: Ninja Calamari

Description: Crispy calamari tempura, scallion, furikake with spicy Hokkaido sauce.

Name: Osaka Wing

Description: Crispy chicken wings with mayo, wasabi mayo, eel sauce, masago & scallion.

Name: Hamachi Jalapeno

Description: Sliced thin yellowtail, jalapeno, seaweed, scallion, olive oil and ponzu sauce.

Name: Tuna Tower

Description: Chopped tuna, mixed spicy sauce, masago, scallion and wasabi tobiko.

Name: Spicy Tempura

Description: With signature spicy sriracha mayo and yin-yang sauce.

Name: Tokyo Fritters

Description: Crispy gold shrimp shumai with masago and spicy lime mayo.

Name: Tuna Tataki

Description: Seared and thinly sliced with seaweed, scallion, ponzu sauce and tobiko.

Name: Sea Salad

Description: Crab stick, octopus, squid, shrimp, scallion, surf clam, masago, cucumber, scallion, seaweed, sesame seed with spicy vinegar sauce.

Name: OMG Tuna Steak

Description: Seared super white tuna, ponzu sauce, scallion, black tobiko, seaweed.

Name: Shogun's


Sushi And Sashimi A La Carte

Name: Tuna

Description: Maguro

Name: Shrimp

Description: Ebi

Name: Salmon

Description: Sake

Name: Scallop

Description: Hotate

Name: Yellowtail

Description: Hamachi

Name: Surf Clam

Description: Hokkigai

Name: Fresh Water Eel

Description: Unagi

Name: Octopus

Description: Tako

Name: Salmon Roe

Description: Ikura

Name: Sweet Shrimp

Description: Amaebi

Name: Super White Tuna

Description: Escolar

Name: Jumbo Sweet Shrimp

Description: Botanebi

Name: Squid

Description: Ika


Dinner Roll Specialties

Name: Rainbow Roll

Description: Special California topped with assorted raw fish, ebi shrimp.

Name: King Godzill Roll

Description: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, crab stick, eel topped with eel sauce and wasabi mayo.

Name: Vegetarian Tempura Roll

Description: Deep fried asparagus, sweet potato, Japanese mayo and unagi sauce.

Name: Spicy California Roll

Description: Crunchy tempura roll with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, crab stick, avocado, masago, spicy mayo, eel sauce and cucumber.

Name: Sakura Roll

Description: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese avocado, spicy tuna, topped with eel sauce and wasabi mayo.

Name: Big Caterpiller Roll

Description: Eel, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, crab stick, topped with avocado, tobiko and eel sauce.

Name: Sea Spider Roll

Description: Crisp soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, Japanese mayo black tobiko and unagi sauce.

Name: King Of Salmon Roll

Description: Seared salmon, shrimp tempura, crab stick, cucumber, ikura, Japanese mayo, avocado and unagi sauce.

Name: Giant Philly Roll

Description: Crunchy tempura roll with smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese.

Name: Yankees Roll

Description: Spicy salmon on top of sweet potato roll, spicy mayo, masago.

Name: Big Mexican Roll

Description: Yellowtail, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno, tomato, lemon juice cucumber, with spicy sauce and tobiko.

Name: Special California

Description: Crab Stick mixed Spicy mayo, avocado, cucumber, masago and sesame seed.

Name: Brooklyn Roll

Description: Salmon and whitefish tempura, eel, cream cheese, avocado with brown mayo and scallion.

Name: Sea Red Lobster Roll

Description: Lobster tempura, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce, spicy mayo, eel sauce topped with tuna and tobiko and lobster tempura basket.

Name: Spicy Lobster Roll

Description: Steamed lobster cream cheese, avocado, tempura style, spicy crab stick, topped with masago, jalapeno, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Name: Ebi Tempura Roll

Description: Crunchy tempura roll with shrimp tempura cucumber, avocado, masago, furitake, spicy mayo, crab stick and unagi sauce.

Name: Call 911 Roll

Description: Tuna, salmon, white fish, mixed spicy sauce, cream cheese, avocado, Thai chili with eel sauce.



Name: Malay Massaman Curry

Description: Sweet, sour, thick and mild curry with peanuts, onion and potato.

Name: Bangkok Pananag Curry

Description: Blended taste of sweet, medium spicy and little salty curry with string beans and lime leaf.

Name: Island Red Curry

Description: Spicy and little salty with bamboo shoot and bell pepper.

Name: Patpong Green Curry

Description: Sweet spicy curry with eggplant and bamboo shoots.


Name: Ginger And Pineapple

Description: With mushroom, scallions, onions.

Name: Queen Of Siam Basil

Description: Onion, peppers with spicy chili basil sauce.

Name: Garlic And Mixed Vegetables

Description: Black pepper with garlic sauce.

Name: Rama The King

Description: Peanut sauce and red curry paste, mixed vegetables and chili paste.

Name: Sautéed String Beans

Description: Spicy chili with onion, bell peppers and minced radish.

Name: Sweet And Sour

Description: Sautéed assorted vegetables with tomato, cucumber, pineapple, onion, bell peppers and mushrooms.

Garden Delight

Garden Delight

Name: Garden Delight

Description: Garlic sauce and sesame oil.

Eggplant Basil

Eggplant Basil

Name: Eggplant Basil

Description: Stir fried with garlic and Thai chili.

Sea Specialties

Name: Classic Pork Chops

Description: Our signature pork chops with stir fried vegetables in pepper sauce.

Name: Cashew Nut Chicken

Description: Mixed vegetables and tamarind chili sauce.

Name: Emperor Jumbo Shrimps

Description: Stir fried jumbo shrimp with mushrooms, bell peppers and asparagus.

Name: Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

Description: Half chicken marinated with Thai herb and served with honey chili sauce.

Name: Royal Pork Red Curry

Description: Crispy pork, apple, pineapple and basil in Thai red curry.

Name: Red Sea Duck

Description: Half duck with ginger, mushroom, onion, pineapple in sweet and sour sauce.

Name: Sea's Chicken Breast

Description: Grilled marinated chicken breast with chef's special three flavor sauce and mixed vegetables.

Name: Grilled Salmon

Description: Fillet of salmon served with mixed vegetables and spicy tamarind sauce.

Name: Salmon Dark Sea

Description: Grilled salmon with pineapple, mushrooms, carrots, scallion and spicy chili ginger white wine.

Name: Geyser Shrimp In Clay Pot

Description: Jumbo shrimp, vermicelli noodles, ginger, mixed vegetables.

Seafood Combo

Seafood Combo

Name: Seafood Combo

Description: Shrimp, scallion, crispy fillet of tilapia in spicy sweet and sour sauce.

Name: Spicy Dark Ocean

Description: Shrimp, squid, mussels and fillet of white fish stir fried with garlic, scallion, carrot, bell peppers and chili.

Name: Brooklyn Basil

Description: Shrimp, squid, mussels and scallops sautéed with basil, bell peppers, onions and ginger in chili paste.

Name: Boom Boom Chicken And Shrimp

Description: Chicken breast and shrimp tempura with rich red curry peanut sauce, zucchini, carrots and coconut flake on a bed of jasmine rice.

Name: Seafood Rice Pot

Description: Shrimp, squid & fillet of white fish, mushroom and mixed vegetable in gravy sauce served over jasmine rice.

Name: Golden Pork Belly

Description: Crispy pork belly, Chinese broccoli, garlic, chili.

Tamarind Whole Fish

Tamarind Whole Fish

Name: Tamarind Whole Fish

Description: Crispy red snapper with spicy tamarind chili sauce.

Name: Grilled Rib Eye Steak

Description: Julienne fries and watercress reduction.

Name: T-Bone Steak

Description: Homemade potato, string beans and creamy basil mushroom sauce.

Name: Eggplant Vegetarian Duck

Description: Onion, bell peppers in basil chili sauce.

Name: Pineapple Curry Duck

Description: Half crispy duck with cherry tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, bamboo shoot and basil in red curry.

Name: Thai Spicy Crispy Pork Belly

Description: Onion, peppers and holy basil.

Name: Volcanic Chicken

Description: Half chicken with spicy lava sauce served with stir fried mixed vegetables.

Name: Kl Chicken

Description: Crispy half chicken coated with signature seasoned flour, yellow curry rice with cashew, crispy shallots and top selling honey chili sauce.

Meal Specials

Lunch Specials

Main Dish

Name: Traditional Pad Thai

Description: Rice noodles, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts and scallion.

Name: Broad Rice Noodles

Description: Broccoli, egg, and black soy sauce.

Name: Pattaya Noodles

Description: Broad noodles, sesame, sesame, scallion, radish, egg and peanut.

Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry

Name: Massaman Curry

Description: Thick, mild and sweet with potatoes, onions & peanuts.

Panang Curry

Panang Curry

Name: Panang Curry

Description: Medium spicy with string beans.

Red Curry

Red Curry

Name: Red Curry

Description: Spicy with tomato and bamboo shoots.

Green Curry

Green Curry

Name: Green Curry

Description: The spiciest curry with eggplant and bamboo shoots.

Name: Spicy Basil

Description: onions, peppers and chili basil.

Name: King Rama

Description: Combination of red curry and peanut sauce with mixed veggies.

Name: Black Bean Ginger

Description: Mushroom, pineapple and scallions.

Name: Cashew Nuts

Description: Onions, bell peppers and tamarind chili.


Name: Grilled Pork Chop

Description: With stir-fried seasonal vegetables.

Name: Grilled Chicken Breast

Description: with green vegetables and three flavors sauce.

Name: Brown Rice Vegetables

Description: sautéed tofu, and mixed vegetables.

Name: Steamed Mix

Description: Selected vegetables, tofu, brown rice and pepper sauce.

Name: Seafood Rice Bowl

Description: shrimp, squid and scallop, broccoli, mushroom, carrots in basil garlic-pepper sauce.

Name: Siamese Fried Rice

Description: Egg, onion, scallions and choice of meat.

Name: Crispy Whole Fish

Description: Whole porgy fish with tamarind chili sauce.

Name: Isan Fried Rice

Description: Thai sausage, egg, tomato, onion and scallion.

Dinner Specialties

Name: Tempura Dinner

Description: Crispy shrimp tempura served with Japanese rice, seaweed, furikake and yin-yang sauce.

Name: Sashimi Dinner

Description: 18 pieces of chef's choice sashimi.

Name: Sushi Dinner

Description: 10 pieces of chef's choice nigiri.

Name: Namasake Rice

Description: Grilled salmon, sweet potato tempura massago, ikura, asparagus with teriyaki sauce and sushi rice.


Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

Name: Jasmine Rice


Name: Yellow Rice


Name: Brown Rice


Name: Steamed Noodles


Name: Coconut Sticky Rice


Name: Extra Sauce


Name: Steamed Veggies

Description: With thai dipping sauce.